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        Arnie Lawrence, born in 1938 in Brooklyn, New York. started playing the clarinet at the age of 13. Since then he has played with 80% of musicians whose names appear in every respectable music encyclopedia, in ensembles such as "Blood, Sweat and Tears" and on the Tonight show.

       In 1984 he built a bachelor of fine arts program in jazz in "Mannes" the "New school for Social Research" in Manhattan New York. He brought jazz greats into the classroom to train the next generation. The jazz program is now one of the best things the New School does. The Faculty attract talented students from around the world, and gain widespread visibility in the New York community. Arnie has a talent for getting things done. His intensity, his passion for jazz and for helping young people grow, his vision for the power of music to bring people together across national boundaries and to bridge racial and ethnic divisions make people follow him .

      Recently, he followed his wife to Israel. A man with Lwarence's energies does not waste time.  He has already played with almost all the local artists, such as Peter Wertheimer and Arale Kaminsky and with young 14-15 years old musicians. There is another purpose to Arnie's Playing with these young musicians beyond the love of plying. He is hoping to get these talents to participate in the activities of the new International   Center for Creative Music that has began its program in Jerusalem last year. For this project , a non -profit organization has been established headed by Aliza Olmert and members of the music and dance world and public service.

        What is the purpose of the Center ?    To quote Arnie Lawrence:   - "The purpose is to find a new form of education in creative music. We want to use jazz perspectives to teach students from different backgrounds to interact and experience music from the different corners of the world. they will learn to relate to music not only from analytic perspective but also spiritually, to feel the happiness and beauty in music. Musicians such as Art Blakey, Roy Haynes, Chico Hamilton and Jimmy Cobb visited which I created in New York. There is no reason why they would not join us in Israel. I would like to have students of mine like Larry Goldings and others to teach here. We will also offer classes in blues and rock taught by an international faculty including Israeli musicians. The Center is not a college, so it is not intended to give degrees. Our teaching methods will change according to students needs. There will be a basic program with subjects such as harmony, theory, composition, blues and rhythm but every thing else will be constantly changing."
Watch and listen to Arnie talking about the Center (Real Video)

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