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Jazz workshop are taking place in Jerusalem and in "Beit Hagefen, Arab Jewish Center". Sessions are open to everybody and take about 3 hours. The sessions are designed to give musicians of all ages, levels, nationality, musical instruments and sex the opportunities to:

  • Increase their song repertoire.
  • Develop their improvisational skills.
  • Develop their playing.
  • Gain ensemble experience. Listening to each other while playing.
  • Build confidence performing.
  • Get personalized attention.

The focus is on a fun positive and a shared love of music approach

    At each session we have fun playing the blues and jazz songs from the standard repertoire. Arnie works with individuals and the group to develop their application of tone, melodic and rhythmic ideas. most often the group is strengthen by local professional musicians and teachers of the highest degree.

   The focus is on listening and playing on the groove  as it applies to the balance of the group's playing together.   The musicians are encouraged to aim every note with intention, to play what they hear in their head and not just let their fingers go to the convenient routines. It does not really matter how many note you can produce or how fast, but how you incorporate them in the tune.

   Improvising soloists have the responsibility of playing with the ensemble, instead of trying to show off and trying to take control. Soloists must create a dialogue among the people with whom they create music. Beginning improvisers frequently ignore some of the great ideas their accompanists may be feeding them. Due to inadequate listening and an overly self-important approach to soloing they often avoid the original motives of the original melody and get lost. Better listening enables soloists to develop meaningful musical conversations. These are the things we work on to develop more musical, sensitive soloists who play with great feeling and groove and can  assimilate a deeper understanding.

  Arnie Lawrence is using his vast experience of performing and recording with the legends in the field to give people who attend a distinct advantage over musicians who learn in the formal ways. Each meeting is much more then just a session. We have discussions and hear first hand stories about the music we love so much and its history.

   In the passing year almost every month we had a visiting artist giving  a master class and enrich us with knowledge. If you heard the great masters of jazz they all talk about those days when they were young how they could sit with their idols on the same stage and get a chance to play. Now days it is very scarce if at all happening and the meetings are  just giving us this taste.

How you can participate in this valuable learning experience ?

In order to participate - any committed individual have simply to attend (call or use e-mail to make sure of the time and place).